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With several years experience in both the print and digital industry Stuart Kitchin has honed his skills and helped build numerous businesses have a voice. Stuart has worked with tech start-ups, multi-national corporates, Universities, small businesses and a number of other businesses.

Working with businesses in various industries has led to beautiful outcomes, Stuart Kitchin is Loud Grafix. Let this knowledge go to work for you, specialising in Brand identity and Illustration. Whether your business is starting up, has been around for years and needs a breath of fresh air or even just still a thought in your head, he'll give your brand a voice to be proud of. Get in touch for any enquiries about Branding, Illustration or any type of design the mail box is always checked and Stuart will get back to you as soon as he can...


01. Brand and Identity

Compelling branding allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to stand out from the crowd and best position themselves with their clients. Loud Grafix can help your business develop further than just an idea. Branding incorporates, logo, colours, imagery, tone of voice, typography and helps shape your business for success.

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02. Illustrated Type

Blank walls to blank menus turning those blank canvases into beautiful interesting and fun spaces. Specialising in type based illustration both digital, print and painted illustrated typography. Custom illustration can give your business a great point of difference against your competitors as well as bringing to life dull office spaces.

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03. Logo design

Every business needs a face, distinctive and noticeable. A logo combined with beautiful branding enables every business to capture the correct audience and client base. Logo design is a small segment of branding that Loud Grafix can help bring to life for your business. A strong logo is integral to the start of a successful business plan.

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04. Graphic Design

Bringing documents and ideas from concept to realisation can sometimes be difficult on your own. Brochures, magazines, annual reports, menus, web-design, app-design or even just those annual Christmas cards no job too big or too small. Whether you need everything handled or just a small section Loud Grafix can help.

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Some recent work

We used Stuart to help create our branding and logo design to refresh our accounting firm. He provided us with a series of options and provided what we needed faster than expected.



Let’s turn your idea into reality

Thinking of starting a new project and don’t know where to start? No worries, get in touch today and we can walk through the project step by strep. If you’re stuck and not too sure what you need, I can help and get the ball rolling.

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