Giving Teeth To The New Kid On The Block


Sidekicker is the worlds fastest growing on-demand staffing platform is growing at an exceptional rate. With the increase in traffic Sidekicker needed to have a strong platform to build on for their future endeavours. The platform needed to be able to sustain all the current needs of both user types whilst allowing for growth for unknown future needs.


With the overwhelming existing power of the Sidekicker platform and knowing what was to come made a minimalistic approach a must do. Stripping back the clutter allowed all users to realise the full potential of the platform and locate power-user features that were previously hidden. Re-platforming also gave the development team the ability to restructure and use a new code base. This opened up a whole new life for SIdekicker and allowed them to expand with ease from a strong base.


Research Wireframes UI/UX Design 


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